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National Sleep Awareness Month – Ways to Help Seniors Sleep Better

As people grow older, it is common for them to experience a change in their sleeping pattern. That said, waking up early and getting less or disturbed sleep every day is not necessarily a normal part of aging. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for older adults for both good physical as well as mental health. Your loved one may need help if you feel they are struggling with their sleep. During National Sleep Awareness Month, learn what you can do to help your senior family member sleep better.

Here are a few tips that can prove to be helpful for seniors who find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep:

Get them moving – If your senior family member is physically fit and active, look for interesting and unusual ways to get them moving. Encourage them to exercise regularly for overall good health. Low impact exercises, such as a daily brisk walk or yoga, will not only improve your aging loved one’s physical health but also help them sleep better. Just make sure they do not exercise vigorously right before bedtime as this can affect sleep quality.

Change their daily routine – A change in your loved one’s daily routine can also help in improving their sleeping pattern. If they nap during the day, encourage them to limit naps so that they can enjoy a good sleep at night. In addition, counsel them to avoid eating heavy meals later in the evening or before going to bed. Plus, cut down on liquids to reduce nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Reduce stress – Stress and anxiety can also interfere with your loved one’s sleep. Talk with them and find out if there is anything bothering them. You can also use a relaxation technique or encourage them to practice meditation regularly to help relax both their body and mind.

If your senior family member lives alone and there is no one to look after their safety and well-being, consider hiring professional help in the form of a caregiver. An experienced care provider will help them exercise regularly and stay occupied with activities of their interest, which will also help reduce stress. In addition, a caregiver will help your loved one eat a healthy diet and get a good night’s sleep.

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