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Measures to Prevent Falls in the Elderly

Falls are among the leading causes of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among people over 65. They can result in broken bones, head injuries, and hip fractures. Even if the fall did not lead to a severe injury, it can cause the senior to become fearful of such future accidents. If you have a senior family member at home or living alone, help them decrease their risk of falling to make sure they are able to lead a healthy, independent life.

Here are some preventive measures to avoid falls in the elderly:

1.  Stay active. Exercise can help prevent falls as it helps strengthen muscles and improves balance. Tai Chi is one of the best activities the elderly can do as it can reduce fall risks by almost half.

2. Do not rush. Allow yourself enough time to reach where you are going. The chances of falling increase when you rush and lack attentiveness.

3. Be sure all walkways have a fixed handrail that can be used to help you maintain balance.

4. Wear sturdy shoes. Buy shoes with a backing (heal collar) and a firm sole, which can help you feel the ground beneath you and improve balance, even at home.

5. Take the right medications. Some prescriptions and over-the-counter medications may cause dehydration, dizziness, or interactions with each other which can result in a disorientation and lead to falls. Do not forget to ask about the side-effects of the medications prescribed by your doctor and be careful when you start any new medication.

6. Ask for help whenever required. Don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you navigate slippery or unsafe paths. Don’t try to stand on step stools or chairs if your balance is unsure.

As a family member, help your senior loved one follow these measures to avoid falls. For professional assistance, you can get in touch with us. As the leading Elder Care agency in Seattle, we have the best caregivers to provide seniors the right level of care. All our caregivers are highly experienced, trained, bonded, and insured.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your senior care needs, feel free to call us @ 253-655-7253.

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