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Importance of Social Engagements for Seniors

For many older adults, the opportunities for an active social life often declines with their health and energy. As sickness or mobility issues limit what they can do, their risk of loneliness increases. Connecting with others who love us and share similar interests is significant at any age, but for seniors whose lifestyles may diminish their social opportunities, these connections are even more crucial to their healthy physical and emotional well-being.

Here are a few ways seniors can socialize and cherish relationships:

  • Getting involved in a church or temple group
  • Volunteering at organizations they have a passion for
  • Visiting friends or family members
  • Going to a senior living community for programs
  • Joining a gym or club
  • Searching for a group of people that focuses on similar interests

Here are a few benefits of social engagement for seniors:

Sense of Belonging
Enjoying the company of others with similar interests provides seniors a sense of belonging. Socializing cultivates new friendships, which sometimes turn into lifetime bonds. Social engagements are particularly important for seniors who may have lost a spouse or a loved one who now may feel lost without them.

Improved Physical Health
Those who join group classes or involve themselves in social activities are less likely to develop health problems, such as heart disease, blood pressure and more. Those who are socially isolated can benefit from these group exercise programs, as the chance to socialize promotes an active and healthier lifestyle.

Improved Cognitive Functioning
Socializing is essential to keeping our minds sharp as we age. Having an energetic social life motivates us to continue to learn, observe and respond to the world around us. Conversation and activities are great for exercising the mind and can potentially lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Purposeful Living
Social engagement brings purpose in the life of seniors. Having somewhere to go and something meaningful to do, helps make them feel like life still has a purpose.

If you are worried about your senior family member and want them to have an active social life, we can help. We are the leading provider of Home Care services in Auburn, WA and have compassionate caregivers to care for seniors. We can help your loved one stay socially engaged while taking care of their other needs as well. Call us today!

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