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About Us

Meet Kevin and Nanci Dueck

the founders and operators of Honor Care!

Nanci and Kevin believe in community, and that any community is only as good as the level at which it honors and cares for the elderly, disabled, and those who watch over them.They also believe firmly that our elderly and disabled deserve to live better! Hence, the birth of Honor Care.

Our "Why"

People often ask us: WHY home care?

That’s an excellent question! And we’d love to provide a little background information to help explain our answer.

We’re passionate about family–everything is centered around them! We see ourselves as very normal people, riding the “ups & downs” of life as best we can.  Are we real? Yes! In fact, you’re welcome to read more about us here in our own personal family blog.

Kevin had a successful career as an IT and business executive, while Nanci was the critical homemaker managing the lives of our 5 busy children and family while balancing volunteer roles! We met at college early on, got married, and since that time have taken a joint journey in all our adventures at home, work, church, etc. Life is never perfect, but things were going very well for us on all fronts. At the same time, we felt like we were missing some opportunities, especially from a career perspective. We didn’t have the complete and passionate fulfillment that we really wanted.

And so the explorative journey began … what’s next!?

First, we’re Christians, and our church and church service has been a huge part of our lives. We truly feel better and more joy when we serve others, especially those that really stand in need. Our service to others infuses us with energy, perspective, and fulfillment. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to experience & learn that supporting others, particularly their basic human needs, should be core to all that we do. When considering the “what next” question, we knew that serving & bringing honor to our elderly and disabled would bring purpose and was something we wanted to be involved in.

Honor CareSecond, we had wonderful grandparents who have been an inspiration to us. Kevin has a special bond with his grandmother in particular, who is now in her 90s, still living independently at home, and cherished by all her growing family. To him, she’s like a second mother. Kevin’s mom found herself divorced and single when he and his sister were very young. Needing some family support, they moved a couple of states away to live with Grandma and Grandpa. His mom needed to go back to work so Grandma became he and his sister’s primary caretaker. The personal and unbreakable bonds of love were forged.  Over the years Kevin and his sister grew up, moved on and have followed the paths of life. But wherever life has gone, Grandma has been a constant part of it. As time has progressed, we’ve watched grandma age. As always, she maintains her grace, dignity, independence, and ever-present passion to also serve and lift others. She continues to be an inspiration because of who she is and what she means to us. We do this with her always in mind!

Third, we’re subscribers to the belief that life is not just meant to be lived, but lived well, as explained in-depth within the philosophies of Atul Gawande, surgeon and author of a book that has inspired us, “Being Mortal.” You could say that many of our personal beliefs align with the thoughts, research and experiences that Atul shares in his book. He has influenced our thinking of how those who are aging can live better and more fulfilling lives. Ultimately, the more we learn and understand about the realities of aging and death, the more we see that things can be better.

Lastly, we love the elderly and those who experience disabilities in some form or other. They are due respect, love, honor, & dignity. We are fortunate that those who have gone on before have built what we all too often take for granted in our lives today. We are blessed and humbled by the example of those who move forward with courage despite physical and cognitive challenges. These people deserve the best that life can offer them. We do this out of love for them.

And so our “WHY” has been cultivated and we embrace it!

Please take a minute or two to read through our our mission statement and creed.  If you believe these things too, please join with us in supporting this mission!

Mission Statement

At Honor Care, our mission is to maximize quality of life by providing exceptional care at home.

We do this as we align with our company creed that drives and influences everything we do:

We believe…

  • That life is not just meant to be lived, but lived well.
  • In honoring life in all its stages and forms!
  • That “honor” is a verb; meaning to show love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and concern.
  • That a community is only as good as the level at which it honors and cares for the elderly, disabled, and those who watch over them.
  • In serving each client as a unique person with individual worth.
  • That individuals are happiest at home, living life as independently as possible.
  • That purpose elevates quality of life.
  • That just because growing older is an age-old process, doesn’t mean we must do it in the age-old ways …together we can find ways to age better.
  • In education: the more we understand the more we can help!
  • In utilizing innovation and technology to help families stay better connected.
  • That empathy should guide how we deliver care.
  • In constantly improving the quality of care at home.
  • In honoring our commitment to you, to your loved ones, to our caregivers, and to God.

Join us in this mission!

Our Service Area
Currently serving the King and Pierce County areas.