401(k) enrollment

Effective January 1, 2022 Care Pros are eligible for a 401(k) company match. If eligible, you now have access to the Empower Retirement online portal!

Who is eligible?

Any employee who has worked 1,000 hours or more with Honor is immediately eligible to enroll for payroll contributions starting January 2022. If you are eligible, you will be able to register for an account with Empower Retirement. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact the CPHR team at careprohr@honorcare.com.

Blackout period

As part of the transition to Empower Retirement, there will be a Blackout period in which you will be unable to access your funds. This blackout period will take place from December 27, 2021 through February 9, 2022.

Enrollment deadline

If you have an existing payroll contribution election with ForUsAll, your current enrollment will carry over to Empower.

To update your existing election or to begin contributing in January, you MUST make an election before 1p.m. PT/3p.m. CT on December 27, 2021. Any elections made after December 27 at 1pm PT/3pm CT will take effect after the blackout period (February 2022).

To register for an account:

  • Visit the Empower Retirement portal
  • Click ‘Register’
  • Choose the “I do not have a PIN” tab
  • Follow the prompts to create your username and password.

To complete your enrollment:

  • Register for a username
  • Select your paycheck contribution - the amount to be deducted from each paycheck
  • Select your contribution investments - how you would like to invest your paycheck

For more information, please view the below resources:

Please read below for frequently asked questions on the 401(k) program:

Q: What is a blackout period?
A blackout period allows time for the plan’s administrative records to be transferred and is a time in which no changes to accounts can be made. We will be subject to a blackout period which will begin on December 27, 2021 and lift mid-February 2022. After the blackout period, you can log into Empower Retirement’s website and reallocate your funds, should you choose. There is even a self-directed fund option if you would like to actively manage your investments.

Q: What happens to my account during the blackout period?
You will temporarily be unable to check your account balance and transfer or diversify your investments in your 401(k) Plan account or obtain a loan, withdrawal or distribution. During this time, you will have limited or no access to your account. Before the blackout period begins, it is very important that you review and consider the appropriateness of your current investments because you will be unable to transfer or diversify those investments during the blackout period. During the blackout period, your per paycheck contributions will continue, and will be funded into your account once the blackout period has lifted.

Q: What is the eligibility period and how does that work?
Effective January 1, 2022 new hires are eligible to begin contributing to the 401(k) plan on the first of the month following 1,000 hours of service.

Q: Are there any updates on the All Trust Home Care 401(k) transition?
Thank you so much for your continued patience while we work through the 401(k) transition. Vanguard is currently managing all distribution requests, and they are targeting checks to be sent between late December and early January. All legacy ATHC employees will be eligible for the 401(k) plan through Empower Retirement on January 1, 2022.

Q: Who will our financial advisor be?
Empower Retirement Participant Services offers fantastic financial advising support to all participants and can help with investment guidance and questions you may have to align you with your retirement goals. The Honor Advocacy team through Sequoia also provides all employees additional 401(k) support.

Q: Can you clarify the match?
Simplified, if you put at least 5% of your salary into your 401(k) the company will match 4%. It's a dollar for dollar match on the first 3% of employee contributions and $0.50 on the dollar match for the next 2% of employee contributions. For example:

  • If you contribute 3% of your salary into your 401(k) then you will receive a 3% match from the company.
  • If you contribute 4% then you will receive a 3.5% employer match.
  • If you contribute 5% then you will receive the maximum 4% employer match.
  • The match will be funded into your account after each paycheck (following the blackout period).

Q: How does the mapping of funds work?
Our Sequoia Financial Advisory partner mapped the current funds available through ForUsAll and Principal almost identically, with one exception which was not available. That one fund was matched with a very similar fund at Empower Retirement and Principal signed off that it met the equivalent requirements for them to approve transferring employee balances from that fund. That mapping will be available for employees to review within the next few weeks.

Q: How do I check my current 401(k) contribution?


  • Login to the online portal at account.forusall.com/login.
  • If you have forgotten the login, there is a self service option or you can also contact the ForUsAll Participant Advisory Team through Help@ForUsAll.com or 844-401-2253.
  • You can view your current contribution and make any adjustments from your account Dashboard.

Q: How do I check my current 401(k) balance?

Principal: Home Instead legacy employees are able to manage their accounts by logging into their accounts in Principal. For help, the customer service # is (800) 986-3343. Our plan is Plan #: 6-16369.

ForUsAll: Honor Legacy employees are able to manage their accounts directly on the ForUsAll site. Need to reset your password? Use the forgotten password option for self service support. You can contact the ForUsAll Participant Advisory Team for additional support: managing deferrals or making changes, accessing your and for any other account inquiries. Their email is Help@ForUsAll.com and phone number is 844-401-2253.

Employees will continue to be responsible for fees under the Empower Retirement plan, just as they were under the Principal, ForUsAll and Vanguard 401(k) plans.

Q: What is the IRS annual contribution limit for 2022?
The IRS annual contribution limit is $20,500. If you’re 50 or above, you can contribute an additional $6,500.

Q: Is enrollment in the 401(k) plan automatic?
No, there is no auto-enrollment in the Empower Retirement 401(k) plan. Only eligible employees who actively elect to enroll in 401(k) (or who have an existing election with ForUsAll or Principal) will contribute funds and receive the company match.

Q: What deferral types are available in Empower Retirement?
You will have the option to contribute to a Pre-Tax (Traditional) 401(k) and/or a Post-Tax (ROTH) 401(k). You will be eligible for the company match under either plan option.

Stay tuned for 401(k) educational sessions happening in the new year, along with Empower Retirement log-in information and plan documents, when available.

The CPHR Team is here to support you. Please contact us at careprohr@honorcare.com if you have any questions.
For technical support, call 800-338-4015.