November 01, 2021

Meet October’s outstanding Care Pros

Grid of October Care Professional faces
At Honor, we have endless respect for our Care Pros and the noble work they do every day. They raise the bar for caregivers everywhere, by providing such a high standard of care for older adults. In fact, selecting one outstanding Care Pro in each of our markets every month has proven to be really hard. Because so many of them rise to the top. What a wonderful problem to have!

That said, Client Managers and Care Pro Relationship Managers did manage to select Care Pros who stood out in October. While managers consider nominees, they look at each Care Pro’s record of dependability, consistency, and positive visit reports, as well as stories of Care Pros going above and beyond our already high standards. The Outstanding Care Pros you’re about to meet stood out this month for their dedication to living the Honor Values:

  • Solve with Empathy
  • Own the Outcome
  • Act with Honor
It’s our privilege to work for and alongside these amazing people.

Arizona Outstanding Care Pros

Phoenix   This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous
This Care Pro is a perfect representation of all of Honor’s core values. They will always step up to the plate and go above and beyond for their clients. Their work ethic is phenomenal. They are loving, caring, and compassionate. Their reliability and commitment to their clients is impeccable. Their motivation and the drive truly shows in their work. Their overall performance and attendance is amazing. They truly care for their clients and will always make sure they are well taken care of. Honor is truly very lucky to have this Care Pro as a part of the team!
— Sonya M., Care Pro Relationship Manager

Tuscon    Charissa Sage
Charissa has been such a wonderful asset to our Care Pro team. She took some time off a while back and our families were beyond thrilled when she was able to return! Charissa is consistently going above and beyond for our clients, doing whatever it takes to make them happy. She’s thorough, compassionate, resilient, and a joy to be around. She never hesitates to take on some of our clients with more complex needs. I truly appreciate her dedication and could not think of someone more deserving of this award.
— Vanessa L., Client Manager

California Outstanding Care Pros

Los Angeles    Maria Falla
Since Maria started with Honor, she has been one of the most helpful, flexible, reliable, and consistent care pros in the market. She is completely selfless, always putting the needs of her clients first. She works live-in visits with a client and everytime she has been asked to help cover for the other live-in Care Pro, Maria is flexible and accommodating to meet the needs of her clients and her colleague. She has received wonderful feedback from her clients and she has been a joy to work with. Maria is professional, experienced and we appreciate her very much!
— Rachel R., Client Manager

Monterey Bay    This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous
This Care Pro has a stellar performance record with us. She is reliable, hard working, and dedicated. She has been with the same client since they started care with our partner (CCSS) a few years back. She is incredibly dependable. Her long-time client and the client’s family adore her. She has made a huge impact on their lives, in a good way. We all appreciate her very much!
— Resa G., Client Manager

Orange County    Raghida Shdid
Raghida writes great care notes, works with her team of other Care Pros well on the same client case, and goes above and beyond to make sure her clients have the care and everything else that they need.
— Carrie D., Care Pro Relationship Manager

Sacramento     Tatyana Guz
Tatyana has a positive impact wherever she goes. Clients and their families consistently provide wonderful feedback after she has visited. She is always willing to go the extra mile when her clients need her and this is reflected in her overall performance and outstanding attendance. Tatyana is a pleasure to work with and I am so glad she is a part of the Honor team!
— Emma H., Care Pro Relationship Manager

San Diego    Michael Sayre
Michael has been a pillar of strength for his client’s family since his client died. He has gone above and beyond, staying on to provide care for members of the family who have come to trust and depend on him.
— Gina M., Care Pro Relationship Manager

San Francisco - East Bay    Louise Polk
Louise has a warm presence and compassionate nature that’s perfect for caregiving. She builds long-standing relationships with her clients and selflessly advocates for their needs. Her dedication and reliability are truly unmatched and can be seen in her outstanding performance and attendance records. Louise is wonderful to work with and cares deeply for her clients. I could not be more grateful to have someone like Louise on the Honor team!
— Shannon L., Care Pro Relationship Manager

San Francisco - South Bay    Emy Mangua
Emy is an amazing Caregiver! She is warm and caring and loved by all her clients. She has a wonderful way of making our clients feel comfortable in her care.
— Jasmyne G., Client Manager

Santa Barbara/Ventura    Nathalie Pluma
Nathalie has been one of our most reliable and consistent care pros during her time at Honor. She has been crucial in providing a stable schedule for one of our clients with high needs. And she always goes above and beyond when we ask if she can stay late or fill in, in order to avoid any potential gaps in care. Nathalie is dedicated, skilled and caring. Her clients and colleagues here at Honor are so grateful to have her on the team. — Sarah B., Client Manager

Sonoma/Santa Rosa    Linda Ruhaka
Linda is the type of caregiver who does not shy away from the clients with more complex needs. Linda is a very skilled caregiver with a wealth of experience. She has keen attention to detail and she has proven to be very reliable. Her clients speak highly of her and her hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you Linda! — Lauren W., Client Manager

Florida Outstanding Care Pro

South Florida    Audeth Hill
Audeth is an amazing caregiver who has really become a member of her clients’ family. Audeth goes out of her way to make sure her client has everything he needs and more. Audeth has taken it upon herself to coordinate grocery deliveries, meal planning, and is even throwing a birthday party for him soon. Audeth is a phenomenal person with a big heart!
— Steven C., Senior Client Manager

Michigan Outstanding Care Pro

Detroit    Shelia Bailey
There is not enough room on this page to share all of the reasons why we nominated Shelia. She is amazing, well respected, and brings so much value to Honor and her clients. I can always rely on Shelia to provide reliable care above and beyond our high standards. I enjoy my interactions with her and appreciate her professionalism. She always brings a smile to my face when I speak with her, and I know she makes our clients and their families feel the same. We thank you Shelia for all that you do!
— Kayla G., Care Pro Relationship Manager

Missouri Outstanding Care Pro

St. Louis    Erika Chavez
Erika is a fantastic Care Professional! She is a professional, empathetic, dedicated team player. I can always rely on Erika to give her absolute best to any of her clients. And she’s always willing to go the extra mile when we need her. She is such a joy to work with, and we are beyond thrilled to have her on the Honor St. Louis Team. Thank you for all of your hard work, Erika! We appreciate all that you do!
— Allison R., Client Manager

New Mexico Outstanding Care Pro

Albuquerque    Savannah
Savannah is a truly compassionate Care Prof thoa clients love and appreciate. Savannah has a way with clients that motivates them to thrive and feel safe in her care. Her dedication, reliability, and flexibility to be available for her clients is beyond admirable. Savannah, you are gracious and kind, and we’re so grateful to work with you.
— Terri K., Client Manager

Ohio Outstanding Care Pro

Cleveland     Mary Farrell
Mary is a strong, reliable, compassionate, and caring member of our team. Whether it’s her regular clients or some she’s filling in for, everyone raves about her. Her dedication to her clients is truly inspiring and much appreciated by all of us at Honor.
— Eric S., Client Manager

Texas Outstanding Care Pros

Dallas    Lynda Bradley
Lynda has been a steadfast and reliable caregiver with Honor for the past 4 years. Her clients’ family members tell us that Lynda is wonderful and she should make Honor proud. Thank you Lynda!
— Hilary A., Client Manager

San Antonio    Aletha Herring
Aletha is an excellent Care Pro who is reliable, committed, caring and an all-around team player! We're grateful for Aletha's strong work ethic and her kind nature. When we’re in a pinch, Aletha always puts her client’s care first. With her depth of experience, professionalism, and joyful attitude, we're happy to have her as part of the Honor Team. Thank you for all you do, Aletha!
— Katy B., Client Manager

We share our sincerest gratitude and admiration for these Outstanding October Care Pros.

If you're interested in a career as an Honor Care Pro, you can learn more here.

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