November 29, 2022

Recognizing October's thoughtful and dependable Care Pros

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This month, we were overwhelmed by the commitment and enthusiasm these Outstanding Care Professionals exhibited when caring for their clients and engaging with their team members. We’re grateful for their passion for providing wonderful care. Thank you all for sharing your skills and passion with us!

As usual, it was hard to single out just one Outstanding Care Pro from each market. To do this, Client Managers and Care Pro Relationship Managers look at each Care Pro’s record of dependability, consistency, and positive visit reports, as well as stories of Care Pros going above and beyond our already high standards. The 16 Care Pros who are ultimately chosen also stand out for living the Honor Values: 

  • Care Starts with Connection
  • Great Solutions Demand Empathy
  • When You Grow, We Grow
  • Our Differences Propel Us

We’re grateful to work for and alongside these wonderful people. 

Arizona Outstanding Care Pros


Maria Rhodus

Care Starts with Connection

Care Professional Maria is passionate about and absolutely loves what she does, and it shows through the quality of care she provides and the relationships she builds. She takes the time to get to know her clients and not only helps them with basic tasks during her shifts, but also tries to get them back into hobbies they once loved or do things they haven’t been able to in a while. As soon as a client meets her, she’s an immediate favorite. Maria is continually receiving positive feedback and praise from our families. Thank you so much for treating your clients like family and providing the level of care you do!
— Vanessa, CPRM 

California Outstanding Care Pros

Los Angeles

This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous 

Great Solutions Demand Empathy

This Care Professional is extraordinary at what she does. Her current client has advanced dementia that causes her to get confused very easily, but this Care Pro finds creative ways to work with her that encourages her to be mobile daily and celebrate the little wins, like sitting up in bed for 15 minutes or playing her keyboard. This Care Pro goes out of her way to improve the quality of life for her clients, and we appreciate her so much!
— Carrie D., CPRM 

Monterey Bay

This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous

Care Starts with Connection

This Care Professional is the picture of compassion. One of her clients has dementia, which causes paranoia and resistance toward care. But, when it comes to this Care Pro, the client has never refused care. The other day, the client became distressed, and this Care Pro was able to redirect the client. She made sure that her client felt safe, and it made all the difference. This Care Pro connects with her clients, shows endless compassion, is a joy to speak with and is willing to help when needed. We appreciate all that this Care Pro does for Honor and her clients!
— Cody, MA


This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous

Care Starts with Connection

This Care Pro is a true asset to our team. She is reliable, proactive and someone we can depend on. In her more than three years with us, she has maintained an outstanding performance record with us. She leaves a lasting, wonderful impression on our clients and is regularly commended for her compassion and attentiveness. We are grateful for the consistent, positive impact she has on clients and her commitment to providing great care to her clients.
— Christal, CPRM

San Diego

Teresa Jimenez

Great Solutions Demand Empathy

Teresa approaches each client with a calmness that is unmatched. Even during stressful situations, she remains a steady presence, and focuses on how she can best help the client. She is incredibly professional and pays close attention to detail. We are so grateful for Teresa’s ability to provide quality care, no matter the circumstances. 
— Amelia, CPRM 

San Francisco - East Bay

This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous. 

Care Starts with Connection

This Care Professional is reliable, professional and has demonstrated exemplary performance as a Care Professional. She quickly builds close connections with clients and provides a detailed level of care that’s hard to match. Her dedication and high quality care are truly valued by her clients, who frequently sing her praises. Her consistency and commitment does not go unnoticed, and we are so fortunate to have this Care Professional on our team!
— Shannon L., CPRM

San Francisco - South Bay

This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous. 

Care Starts with Connection

One word to describe this Care Professional would be proactive. During her time at Honor, she has received numerous positive reviews from our clients and partners! This Care Pro is proactive in communicating with us about her schedule and clients, and she does so with constant kindness and positivity. We are beyond grateful for the positive impact she has on clients, her willingness to communicate with our team and her commitment to providing exceptional care.
— San Francisco – South Bay office 

Santa Barbara/Ventura

Nathalie Pluma

Our Differences Propel Us

Care Professional Nathalie is dependable and compassionate. Without a doubt, clients who know her say they can rely on her. We are grateful for Nathalie’s reliability and consistency, and so are her clients and their families. We appreciate Care Pro Nathalie for her hard work, exceptional work ethic and dedication to our clients! 
— Taylor, CPRM 

Florida Outstanding Care Pro

South Florida

Audeth Hill

Care Starts with Connection

Audeth is a loving and committed Care Professional who embodies compassion, empathy and other qualities a client, family member or Honor team member would want in a Care Professional. Audeth is able to form deep connections with her clients. She enjoys finding different activities or moments to help bring her clients joy or spark old memories. The level of attention, care and love she showed in every visit demonstrates a level of human kindness we should all strive for. 
— Steven C., CM

Illinois Outstanding Care Pro


Sharon Montgomery

Care Starts with Connection

One word to describe Sharon is warm-hearted. Sharon exemplifies the model of a compassionate Care Professional. Her clients and their families absolutely adore her. She is so kind and thoughtful and loves to create joyful moments for her clients that remind them how special they are. Most recently, a client shared that Sharon is a stellar Care Pro and terrific asset to Honor. We are so lucky to have Sharon caring for our clients!
— Ally S, CPRM & Karen N., CPRM

Michigan Outstanding Care Pro


Sherry Portis 

Care Starts with Connection

One word to describe Care Professional Sherry is professional. She is professional, patient, caring, detail-oriented, observant and constantly makes her clients feel safe and secure. We hear things like, “Sherry is welcome to return any time,” and “Sherry is an example that others can learn from.” Clients and clients’ family members sing her praises and state that she provides exceptional care to her clients. She is such a valued member of Honor. Thank you, Sherry, for being so amazing!!
— Fawn W., CPRM 

Missouri Outstanding Care Pro

St. Louis

This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous. 

Care Starts with Connection

One word to describe this Care Professional is uplifting. This Care Pro is an absolute joy to have on our team! She is communicative with our team, committed to her clients and loves to help out when needed. Without a doubt, clients enjoy their time with this Care Pro. We are always hearing how much she has made their days better. We hear things like, “This Care Pro is wonderful in every aspect of the care she provides,” and “This Care Pro makes our loved one laugh and feel like an equal.” Thank you to this Care Pro for bringing such amazing energy and care to our clients!— Fawn W., CPRM 

Nebraska Outstanding Care Pro


Karen Moran

Care Starts with Connection

Karen is a long-time Care Professional. One word to describe her is dedicated. Despite lots of changes throughout her career, she remains dedicated and compassionate. She enjoys helping out when needed and is committed to providing quality care and support to her clients. Clients state she is a wonderful companion and outstanding Care Pro. We are so thankful to have her on our team!
— Ines P., MA

New Mexico Outstanding Care Pro


This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous.

Care Starts with Connection

This Care Professional is an excellent communicator and looks for different opportunities to help out when needed. She approaches each client with grace and dignity. She maintains a steady approach and is committed to providing exceptional care. We enjoy the conversations we have with this Care Pro and know she will share any concerns or issues she is experiencing with us. We greatly appreciate the open dialogue and are lucky to have her on our team. This Care Pro is a total rockstar.  
— Amelia, CPRM

Texas Outstanding Care Pros


This Care Pro prefers to remain anonymous. 

When You Grow, We Grow

This Care Professional continues to maintain her exceptional performance rate in all areas. This Care Pro looks for different opportunities to help out when needed. She is committed to providing exceptional care to her clients and takes pride in the care she provides. We appreciate her efficiency, compassion, communication and commitment to quality care. 
— Mckayla, CPRM 

San Antonio

This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous. 

Care Starts with Connection

This Care Professional is adored by the clients she works with. She is jovial, lovable and encouraging. Clients quickly feel connected to this Care Pro. Whenever you see this Care Pro, she is smiling, even while doing her daily tasks – such as washing the dishes or cooking. She brings a happy beam of light to her clients. She is extremely helpful and enjoyable to have around. She is a truly optimistic professional. We are so thankful to have her on our team!
— Mckayla, CPRM 

Thank You!

We are so proud to have these Care Pros a part of Honor. Their passion for quality care is incredible, and we are constantly impressed with the wonderful care they provide each and everyday. We hope you’ll come back next month to learn about our November Outstanding Care Pros!

If you're interested in a career as an Honor Care Pro, you can learn more here.

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