October 25, 2022

Showing our gratitude for September's Outstanding Care Pros

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This month, we’re excited to spotlight the following Care Pros for their professionalism, compassion and kind hearts. We appreciate these Care Pros for always showing up with a positive attitude that brightens the day for anyone they encounter. 

As usual, it was hard to single out just one Outstanding Care Pro from each market. To do this, Client Managers and Care Pro Relationship Managers look at each Care Pro’s record of dependability, consistency, and positive visit reports, as well as stories of Care Pros going above and beyond our already high standards. The 13 Care Pros who are ultimately chosen also stand out for living the Honor Values: 

  • Care Starts with Connection
  • Great Solutions Demand Empathy
  • When You Grow, We Grow
  • Our Differences Propel Us

We’re grateful to work for and alongside these wonderful people. 

Arizona Outstanding Care Pros


Louann Brock

Care Starts with Connection

The word “amazing” describes Louann. She is reliable and is eager to help when she’s needed. When she is visiting a client for the first time, I know the client is in exceptional hands. Louann takes the time to connect with her clients on a deeper level, and they are always so thankful for her kindness and compassion. She has been a huge asset to Honor, and we feel so lucky to have her. Plus, she referred her sister who has been an exceptional Care Pro from the beginning. I can't say enough wonderful things about all that Louann brings to the table. We are so happy to have her on our team and couldn't be more grateful for the care that she provides our clients.
— Gina M., CPRM

California Outstanding Care Pros

Monterey Bay

Marissa Herr

When You Grow, We Grow

“Dependable” describes Marissa because our team knows we can always count on her to help out when needed. She is committed to her current clients, but she also enjoys the opportunity to take on new clients or staff a one-off shift. She goes into each shift with such a positive attitude and always provides quality care to her clients. Marissa is a joy to speak with and we appreciate all of her hard work!
— Cody, MA

Orange County

Lori Slater

Care Starts with Connection

The word “connection” is how I would describe Lori. She consistently builds meaningful connections with her clients regardless of the time they spend together. She recently lost a long-term client, so she’s focused her efforts on caring for new clients. Even in a short amount of time, she’s been able to create relationships with these new clients and help them feel comfortable. Her new clients have nothing but amazing things to say about Lori and the way she cares for them.  
— Carrie D., CPRM 

San Francisco - East Bay

Charlotte Campbell

Great Solutions Demand Empathy

“Dedicated” is the word we selected to describe Charlotte. She is an amazing Care Pro to both the clients she serves and the Honor team members she interacts with. Most recently, she cared for a long-term client whose needs continuously changed. During that time, Charlotte was right there to adapt and support during this change. As the need for care increased, Charlotte remained committed to this client. Her compassion and commitment are truly valued. Thank you very much, Charlotte! We are privileged to have you on our team.
— Shannon L, CPRM 

San Francisco - South Bay

Bridgette Beane

Great Solutions Demand Empathy 

“Reliable” is the word that best describes Bridgette. She is an excellent communicator, routinely receives outstanding reviews and truly cares about the clients she is serving. We are grateful for Bridgette’s dependability, professionalism and commitment to caregiving. Thank you, Bridgette! 
— Chad McDade, RCM

Santa Barbara/Ventura

Josephine Gallinovich

Great Solutions Demand Empathy

“Selfless” is a word that describes Josephine. Shortly after she started, she began caring for a long-term client. Throughout this time, Josephine continues to have an upbeat and professional attitude whenever our team has the opportunity to communicate with her. She is deeply committed to her profession and the clients she serves. She is also dedicated to her fellow Care Pros and enjoys helping out when needed.  
— Sarah K., RA

Sonoma/Santa Rosa

Lorena Lemus-Flores

Care Starts with Connection

“Compassionate” describes Lorena, who is a true advocate for her clients. She consistently goes above and beyond when caring for them. She is very reliable and quickly becomes a favorite amongst the clients she’s caring for. Lorena is professional, communicative and an overall outstanding person, as well. Thank you, Lorena, for being a positive force in our clients’ lives. We’re grateful for all you do!
— Shannon L, CPRM

Illinois Outstanding Care Pro


Karl Landa

Care Starts with Connection

I selected the word “compassion” to describe Karl. He is well liked by the clients he cares for. He is extremely approachable, capable and responsible. He cares deeply for his clients and it shows. Karl has worked within some complex situations, but through it all, he remains committed to helping and providing compassionate care. The Honor team always looks forward to our interactions with Karl. He is reliable and dedicated to his profession, and we’re lucky to have him on our team. 
— Karen N., CM

Michigan Outstanding Care Pro


Sharon Knox

When You Grow, We Grow

“Amazing” is the best word to describe Sharon. She is always willing to take on a new challenge. She has worked with many of our high-touch clients and thrives in this type of environment. Sharon is committed to her clients and routinely provides exceptional care, even in situations that can be dynamic and complicated. She pays close attention to detail, regularly communicates with our team and is reliable. She is a patient and kind Care Pro, and we are blessed to have her on our team!! Thank you for all you do, Sharon!
— Fawn W., CPRM 

Missouri Outstanding Care Pro

St. Louis

Lafonda Dillon

Care Starts with Connection

The word “dedication” describes Lafonda. She cares deeply for her clients and is dedicated to providing exceptional care. She demonstrates this through her actions and the trusting relationships she has developed with her clients. She remains a steady and reliable part of her clients’ lives, and is dedicated to making each day wonderful for them. We know that when Lafonda is caring for a client, they are in the best hands. Thank you for your commitment and the outstanding care you provide to our clients, Lafonda. 
— Fawn W., CPRM 

Nebraska Outstanding Care Pro


This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous 

Care Starts With Connection

The word “wonderful” perfectly describes this Care Pro. He is a long-time Care Professional who values his work as a caregiver. He is reliable, attentive and kind to his clients. He routinely receives positive feedback from his clients, and he is always praised for the outstanding care he provides to his clients. 
— Inez P., MA

Texas Outstanding Care Pros


This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous

When You Grow, We Grow

“Committed” describes this Care Professional. When she is taking care of a client, she fully commits to taking them on. While she is also reliable and consistent, she still remains dedicated to keeping up with her classes outside of Honor. On top of that, she provides excellent quality care to every client she works with. She is a delight to talk to and a true rockstar on our team.
— Mckayla, CPRM

San Antonio

This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous 

Care Starts with Connection

The best word to describe this Care Pro is “compassionate.” She is a kind and patient person who routinely receives high praise from her clients. She makes her clients feel supported like a family member. Clients share that she has a fantastic work ethic, shows up to a shift prepared and treats her clients with dignity and respect.  
— Mckayla, CPRM 

Thank You!

We’re grateful for these outstanding Care Pros and the meaningful care they provide to their clients. We hope you’ll come back next month to learn more about our October Outstanding Care Pros.

If you're interested in a career as an Honor Care Pro, you can learn more here.

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