May 24, 2023

How does aging fit at SXSW?


For the past four years, Home Instead has curated content and convened global leadership in the Health and Medtech Track at South by Southwest on topics that uniquely position aging. And for four years, those sessions have been packed. In March of 2023, Home Instead hosted a series of panels, and attendance was as high as ever, proving once again that—as Honor CFO, Andrew Steinberg, stated as he opened his panel session—“Aging, for lack of a better term, is pretty damn sexy, and deserves a place at South by Southwest.” At Honor, we would argue that the topic of aging deserves a prominent place at every table. Jisella Dolan, Honor’s Global Chief Advocacy Officer also hosted one of the panels, and shared her reflections on all three in a recent article.

Read the article and watch the panels

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