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We know. This looks like a lot of tasks. But don't worry.
Honor is here to help you through them.


As you read through these checklist items, scroll down for further information and guidance on each task.
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Care Pro Onboarding Tasks


  • Read through Care Pro job description
  • Select In-Person Appointment
  • Complete background check
  • Complete onboarding paperwork (scroll down for more details)
  • Read Key Policy document

Before In-Person Appointment

  • Gather I-9 Documents (acceptable documents)
  • Complete Transfer Skills Assessment
  • Upload driver’s license or ID, and auto insurance
  • Complete TB Questionnaire (not required for CA or IL)

At Your In-Person Appointment

  • Bring your I-9 documents
  • 10-panel drug test (mouth swab)
  • Headshot photo captured (if not uploaded)
  • Complete orientation
  • Ask questions to the onsite support team


  • Required web-based training (LearnUpon)
  • Learn more about Honor benefits

More information

You will be paid by Honor for your time completing the onboarding activities at a rate of 1.5 times your current base wage, as long as you complete the Onboarding Paperwork in full. This process will take approximately 7.5 hours, spread out over 2-3 weeks, but please let us know if these activities take longer to complete. Please be sure to get started now and plan for this activity to prevent disruption in your transition to Honor as your employer.

Please read through the Care Pro job description to review the physical requirements of being an Honor Care Pro, and keep a copy for yourself. If you have questions related to reasonable accommodations, please email Care Pro Human Resources at careproHR@joinhonor.com.

All Honor Care Pros are required to complete an orientation in full. You will be prompted to schedule an orientation session after signing your offer letter.

All Care professionals are required to complete a background check to be considered for employment.

Our onboarding system will prompt you to complete all required paperwork. Please use your legal name and double-check that your contact information and SSN are correct. If there are any fields that are not applicable, type in “N/A.” Please also be sure to have your driver’s license and bank information ready (if you would like to be paid by direct deposit).

Offer Letter

You’ll receive a link to sign your offer letter as the first step of your onboarding process. Please review and sign it as soon as possible.

I-9 Form and Verification Documents

As part of your onboarding paperwork, you will complete a new I-9 form. During this process, you will be prompted to provide your I-9 verification documents (acceptable documents).

Headshot Photo

You will be prompted to upload a headshot photo as part of your onboarding paperwork. This will be used for your profile in the Care Pro App and what your clients will see! If you’re unable to upload your photo during the onboarding paperwork, it will be captured at your in-person appointment.

    • Face the camera directly - head and shoulders only
    • Smile and ensure your head is not tilted  (no sunglasses)
    • Background - plain and well lit with no glare and in focus.
    • Do not submit photos of a photo or use photo filters
    • Follow dress code on shirt (no graphics / logos)

All employees are asked to provide a current picture ID (either a driver’s license or state ID). If you plan to drive your clients, please provide a current auto insurance card. Please ensure your name is listed on the document, before providing us with a copy. If you are a non-driver, you will be prompted to complete one additional form.

All Honor Care Pros are required to complete a pre-employment 10-panel saliva drug test. This test will be conducted by an Honor employee or representative at your in-person appointment. If you have non-negative screening results (positive or inconclusive), you will be given the opportunity to test at a laboratory via urine test within a time parameter established by Honor.

On this form, tell us about your experience transferring clients. You’ll be prompted to input your answers when completing your onboarding paperwork.

This is approximately 3-hours of web-based training. If you need to pause, complete the module you are working on first before exiting the LearnUpon system. You are finished once you complete the Final Exam. You have been emailed login information. When logging in to the system, you will be prompted for your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Enter your personal email address for your USERNAME. Enter honor1234 for the PASSWORD.

If you are currently eligible for health benefits under your Home Instead plan, you will be eligible for benefits with Honor on the first of the month following the franchise go-live date. You will receive benefits enrollment instructions after you complete onboarding steps.

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