September 01, 2021

Meet the August 2021 Honor all-stars

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Care Pros at Honor are setting a new standard of care for older adults. Their professionalism and compassion are shining beacons for our clients and their families. In appreciation of the extraordinary care they provide, Honor is recognizing the best of the best every month, in each of the 17 regions where our home care agency partners provide care.

The Care Pros you’re about to meet here were selected as Honor All-Stars by their Client Managers and Care Pro Relationship Managers. While the managers were considering whom to nominate, they looked at each Care Pro’s record of dependability, consistency, and positive visit reports. But to be honest, that didn’t narrow down the field very much. So they also looked for stories of Care Pros going above and beyond our already high standards.

Without further ado, please meet our first class of Honor All-Stars. We hope you find their stories as inspirational as we do.

Arizona All-Stars

Phoenix   Amy Siegel
Amy Siegel is a dedicated, hard working, and a loyal Care Professional with a clear proven track record with her recent client of 4 years Amy provided quality care to them, making it an amazing experience for the client and family. Amy is always willing to help any other clients within Honor, often making herself available at the last minute. Amy’s compassion, positive presence, and reliability have been a major attribute to Honor. I couldn’t be any more thankful.
–Sonya M., Care Professional Relationship Manager

Tucson   Marion Marmion
Marion has made a huge impact on both of her ongoing clients. She goes above and beyond for both families and they couldn’t be more grateful! She’s extremely reliable, leaves detailed notes for the families, and she cares for each client like her own family. We’re truly lucky to have a Care Pro like her!
–Vanessa L., Client Manager

California All-Stars

Orange County   Rosemary David
Rosemary goes above and beyond for her clients and we are so lucky to have her on our team! She cares for each client like her own family, making sure that they feel safe and comfortable in her care. Whether her client is living with dementia, is at the end of life, or is still thriving independently, Rosemary makes each one feel special, secure, and loved.
–Christy R., Sr. Client Manager

Sacramento   Tresha Young
Tresha regularly goes above and beyond for her clients, including bringing on the husband of her regular client for couples’ care. Tresha has been with the same three clients for three years, has never called off, and has only been late once that entire time. Tresha exemplifies what a quality and exceptional caregiver is.
–Jill D., Senior Client Manager

San Diego   Sonphet Sphabmixay
Sonphet is loved by everyone she visits. Recently a client liked Sonphet so much, they worked out a schedule so she could continue working with them! When she fills in with a new client, they often request her regularly. Sonphet will work crazy hours at the drop of a hat, and has made our jobs so much easier with her willingness to always help us out! If only we could clone Sonphet 100 times over!
–Gina M., Care Professional Relationship Manager

San Francisco - East Bay  Rukshana Ali
Rukshana is a dedicated and dependable Care Professional with a proven track record in quality care. Her warm presence and compassionate approach to care have been the topic of praise for numerous clients and families. On top of building lasting connections, Rukshana has spectacular performance with excellent attendance. She is a truly remarkable Care Professional that we are grateful to have on our team!
–Shannon L., Care Professional Relationship Manager

San Francisco - South Bay    Madeline Delos Santos
Madeline is such an All-Star to the families she serves. She takes pride in her job, always leads with her heart, and goes out of her way to make sure her clients' needs are taken care of. She is a wonderful team player and always willing to help when there is a need. Thank you, Madeline, for serving and caring as much as you do.
–Donna S., Sr. Client Manager & Kathy K., Care Professional Relationship Manager

Southern California - Los Angeles    Maribel Gutierrez
Maribel Gutierrez is professional, communicative, and an overall great performer. She helps with extra shifts for her ongoing client whenever she can. Maribel is always consistent and her client just loves her.
–Rachel R., Client Manager

Southern California  - Monterey   Kathy Coffer
Kathy is a hard working Care Pro that we can always depend on. She is very dedicated to her clients, even during the toughest of times. She always steps up and represents our company well. She loves what she does and it truly shows. Kathy is the definition of what an All-Star is!
–Resa G., Client Manager

Southern California - Santa Barbara    Marisela Fernandez-Valdez
Marisela truly embodies what we strive for when caring for our clients. She has a long history of positive reviews from clients and she is one of our most reliable Care Pros. She is extremely reliable and has stellar performance. She bonds quickly with her clients and makes them feel safe, cared for, and respected. Marisela is very experienced, very professional and takes initiative. She is truly a gifted Care Pro.
–Sarah B., Client Manager

Florida All-Stars

South Florida   Katina Jeff
Katina has such a special and graceful relationship with her clients. She goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care day in and day out. Katina continuously goes out of her way to ensure her clients are cared for whether she is the one providing care or helping to coordinate with other Care Professionals to ensure her clients do not go without. It’s so sweet to see her “own the outcome’ of her client’s care in this way and in doing so encompass an Honor value.
–Steven C., Sr. Client Manager

Michigan All-Stars

Detroit   Talisa Cummings
Talisa always goes above and beyond to care for her clients without being asked. She treats her clients like family and instantly creates a bond and a trusted relationship. She is a natural caregiver and she exudes warmth and compassion. We are so lucky to have her on our team!
–Kayla G., Care Professional Relationship Manager

Missouri All-Stars

St. Louis    Jacqueline “Jackie” Hampton
Jackie is truly an Honor-All-Star! She jumped in working with clients from day one. She provides compassionate care for her clients, and detailed notes to keep families informed. Jackie is dedicated, involved, empathetic, and professional. Honor is truly lucky to have someone like Jackie on the team!
–Allison R., Client Manager

New Mexico All-Stars

Albuquerque   Kristina Gonzales
Kristina is a true advocate for her clients and consistently goes above and beyond when caring for them. The motivation and consistency she provides is truly impactful to their daily life. Kristina is extremely reliable, communicative, and writes detailed care notes for the care team. Thank you Kristina for being a positive force in our clients’ lives. We’re truly grateful for all you do!
–Terri K., Client Manager

Ohio All-Stars

Cleveland    Dorothy Fanslau
What better person to pick for our very 1st Honor All Star Winner, than one of our very 1st "Cleveland Care Professionals? Dorothy works with some of our most advanced clients and her patience with them is remarkable. She has been through it all with her clients and still shows up every day, ready to work. Dorothy cares for clients with a wide variety of challenges and needs, and treats them all with the same amount of dignity and respect. She is proactive at every visit, empathetic, and a hard worker. Dorothy’s reliability exceeds all expectations and she is always there when you really need her. Dorothy, we don’t say it enough- thanks for all you do!
–Jacque McK., Client Manager

Texas All-Stars

Dallas    Darlene Turcios
Darlene has been an integral member of Honor’s Dallas market and is a CarePro that any family can depend on. She is consistent, dependable, and a steadfast caregiver. We’re so fortunate to have her in our market and grateful for her assistance!
–Hilary A., Client Manager

San Antonio    Adela Alvarez
Adela is a natural caregiver. She exudes warmth and positivity when caring for her clients while also making sure she is upholding Honor’s scope of practice. She is an excellent communicator and always helps out when she can, going above and beyond what is expected. She’s always a pleasure to speak with over the phone (many of her clients agree), and she’s quickly favorited after the first visit. Adela is a Care Pro you want caring for your loved ones.
–Katy B., Client Manager

Many Thanks!

Our deepest gratitude goes to these amazing Honor All-Stars. We look forward to sharing more inspiring Care Pro stories here next month.

If you're interested in a career as an Honor Care Pro, you can learn more here.

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