May 01, 2022

Highlighting Honor’s compassionate and reliable Care Pros

Collage of Honor’s Care Professional
We are thrilled to recognize our outstanding Care Pros for the month of April. We admire their commitment to the Clients they serve and are fortunate to have them on our team. We thank them for sharing their talents and skills with us.

As usual, it was hard to single out just one Outstanding Care Pro from each market. To do this, Client Managers and Care Pro Relationship Managers look at each Care Pro’s record of dependability, consistency, and positive visit reports, as well as stories of Care Pros going above and beyond our already high standards. The 18 Care Pros who are ultimately chosen also stand out for living the Honor Values:

  • Care Starts with Connection
  • Great Solutions Demand Empathy
  • When You Grow, We Grow
  • Our Differences Propel Us

We feel fortunate to work for and alongside these wonderful people.

Arizona Outstanding Care Pros

Phoenix Mary “Kathy” Wall Kathy Wall has started caring for a new couple. She has handled everything like a pro, and she has made our lives and the Clients’ lives so much better. Kathy has quickly won the confidence of the family and her Clients. The couple enjoy spending time with Kathy, including going to lunch with her. Kathy comes up with creative and fun ways to keep the wife active and engaged, while keeping the husband calm and relaxed, Kathy is an amazing Care Pro, but she has really gone above and beyond with the Clients she is with now. We are grateful for her dedication. — Gina M. Care Pro Relationship Manager

Tuscon Angelina Ahumada Angelina strives to provide an amazing quality of care to all the Clients she works with. She’s very flexible and always ready to jump in when someone needs help. She builds strong relationships and trust with not just her Clients but also their families. She’s a great communicator, always sharing any concerns she has and advocating for her Clients. She’s such a joy to work with, and I’m so happy to have her on our team. Thank you, Angelina! — Vanessa L, Client Manager

California Outstanding Care Pros

Los Angeles Nuelina “Helen” Alcantara* Helen has been an Honor Care Pro for nearly three years, and she’s been amazing the whole time. She works closely and professionally with her Clients, and she always receives positive feedback. She is a great communicator and provides detailed care notes on how her Client is doing each day. Helen is also always willing to help train new Care Pros who may be scheduled to visit with her Client to ensure the Client and Care Pro have a great first experience together. Thank you, Helen, for all that you do, you are greatly appreciated! — Raymie, Pod Associate

Monterey Bay This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous We want to recognize this Care Pro for being outstanding and dedicated. They have worked with their ongoing Client for nearly seven months. They routinely go above and beyond to provide care for their Clients. We consistently receive great feedback about this Care Pro from their Clients and their families. We are fortunate to have this person as an Honor Care Pro. — Resa, Client Manager

Orange County This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous We are excited to recognize this individual for the month of April. This Care Pro is a shining example of going above and beyond for a Client. They worked with their last Client for over two years. This Care Pro continues to be an advocate for the Clients they serve and always puts their needs and well-being ahead of anything else. — Carrie D., Care Pro Relationship Manager

Sacramento Cecilia Murillo Cecilia is a joy to know and to work with. She shows great consideration and compassion in every interaction she has with Clients, their families, and the team at Honor. I could talk on the phone with her all day! Cecilia has the biggest heart. She loves her job and it shows. She is committed to providing exceptional care for her Clients and becomes an instant part of the family. Thank you for all that you do and for just being you! —Emma H, Care Pro Relationship Manager

San Francisco - East Bay Bridgette Beane Bridgette is a true asset to our team. She is reliable, proactive, and she’s someone we can always depend on. In her four+ years with Honor, she has continued to set the bar high and always leads with compassion. She provides a detailed level of support that’s hard to match and is an example of the quality care we offer to families. Her dedication, caring nature, and positive presence have been major attributes to Honor. We’re so fortunate to have Bridgette in our market and appreciate all of her hard work! — Shannon Lang, Care Pro Relationship Manager

San Francisco - South Bay This Care Pro wishes to remain anonymous We would like to recognize this Care Professional for their kindness and devotion to their Clients. They’re always there when you need them. They’re very compassionate and easygoing with their Clients. This Care Pro always leaves the Client’s home better than when they arrived. Their attention to detail has been recognized by Honor and many of the Clients. This Care Pro is flexible and always willing to work with new Clients. They’re proactive and always thinking of what can be done to give the Clients peace of mind. We are very fortunate to have such a compassionate and hard worker on our team. — Alan, Pod Associate

Santa Barbara/Ventura Noeli Aragon Noeli is a devoted caregiver who builds strong connections with her Clients and maintains lasting relationships due to her skills, compassion, and attention to detail. She is flexible and always willing to jump in when needed. She has a positive and caring demeanor which puts her Clients and their families at ease. She is a huge asset to Honor's Care Team. — Sarah B. Client Manager

Sonoma/Santa Rosa Michelle Rosales Michelle is an outstanding Care Professional who always receives positive feedback. She goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care and is loved by every Client she’s visited. She’s a devoted caregiver and has built a wonderful connection with her ongoing Client. Her consistency and commitment do not go unnoticed. Thank you, Michelle, for serving and caring as much as you do! — Shannon L, Care Pro Relationship Manager

Florida Outstanding Care Pro

South Florida Elva Jean-Phillippe Elva, who we fondly call “Miss Elva,” really epitomizes Honor’s Value, “Care Starts With Connection.” She recently started with a new Client whom she cares for the majority of the week. They have developed a very special relationship. Elva deeply values the connection they have and understands how much her Client relies on her to care for him just about every morning. Miss Elva is a hero among heroes in South Florida, and we are lucky to have her on our team! — Steven C, Client Manager

Illinois Outstanding Care Pro

Chicago Medjine Menual Millet Medjine, or “MJ” as we refer to her, has always been a huge advocate for Honor. She routinely seeks to assist and goes above and beyond for her Clients and their families. She’s flexible, reliable, dependable, caring, compassionate, and an all-around outstanding Care Pro. She’s amazingly dedicated to us and her Clients. MJ shows a level of care and compassion that is beyond compare. MJ is the best! — Angie C. Client Manager

Michigan Outstanding Care Pro

Detroit Rokia Alwajed This past month, Rokia stood out to us as an amazing Care Pro in her willingness to step up and provide care for a unique Client. She showed so much care and compassion for the Client, and she worked closely with us through a variety of schedule changes. Her professional work ethic and caring manner with the Client allowed them to feel comfortable and safe. We are very fortunate to have such a compassionate and hard working Care Pro on our team. We truly appreciate her. — Fawn W., Care Pro Relationship Manager

Missouri Outstanding Care Pro

St. Louis Linda Beatty Linda exemplifies Honor’s Value, “Care Starts with Connection.” Her commitment to improving the quality of life for not only the Clients she serves, but their families is unparalleled. Linda’s compassion and intuition puts her Clients at ease. Linda is dedicated to her Clients and we are fortunate to serve with her. — Eric S., Client Manager

Nebraska Outstanding Care Pro

Omaha Natalie Sandoval Natalie was referred by a fellow Care Pro, and I still remember her first day. She came with a willingness to learn and a heart of gold. Natalie exemplifies all of our Values, but especially, “Care Starts with Connection” and “When You Grow, We Grow.” Natalie was nervous at the beginning, but I just knew with our training and resources she was destined for success. Natalie’s character shines brightly and she truly finds a connection with all of her Clients; they often ask to have her care for them. She treats them like she would her own family member. I have seen Natalie blossom over the past year and a half, growing into a Care Pro that I would want for my own loved ones. Natalie is a team player and always willing to help where needed. She’s a gem, an Outstanding Care Pro, and I am so proud of her accomplishments! — Lydia B. Care Pro Relationship Manager

New Mexico Outstanding Care Pro

Albuquerque Kim Safro We want to recognize and thank Kim for the care she has provided over the last year. She is willing to help when needed and understands the importance of ensuring our Clients always receive the level of care they need and deserve. She recently provided exceptional end-of-life care for two Clients. The Clients’ families were incredibly grateful for her service and appreciative of her level of care. We value Kim's willingness to provide consistent help when needed. — Taylor B.,Client Manager

Texas Outstanding Care Pros

Dallas Melissa DeLuna Melissa is an outstanding Care Pro. Her Clients always provide the best feedback about how she cares for them. She is a team player and is willing to be flexible when needed. Melissa has been very reliable, and I appreciate the way she communicates with me. We love having her on the team! — Sheena S, Client Manager

San Antonio Dolores Martinez Garcia We want to recognize and thank Dolores for stepping in to care for a variety of Clients over the last few months. She’s been a true lifesaver when we needed it most. Whether or not she’s visiting a Client for the first time, she understands the importance of ensuring our Clients receive the help they need. This willingness to help embodies our Value, “When You Grow, We Grow.” And she doesn’t hesitate to reach out if she has questions. Fluctuating circumstances and change are a constant in this line of work, and we appreciate Dolores’s positive and helpful attitude. — Katy B., Client Manager

Thank You!

We share our sincerest gratitude and admiration for these Outstanding April Care Pros.

If you're interested in a career as an Honor Care Pro, you can learn more here.

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