March 01, 2022

Honor Care Pros shine brightly in February

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Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it can be a long, cold 28 days. However, a bright spot for this month is highlighting some of our Care Pros who continue to care for their clients in meaningful ways. We’re thankful for their commitment and kindness, and we’re thrilled to recognize them as this month’s Outstanding Care Pros.

As usual, it was hard to single out just one Outstanding Care Pro from each market. To do this, Client Managers and Care Pro Relationship Managers look at each Care Pro’s record of dependability, consistency, and positive visit reports, as well as stories of Care Pros going above and beyond our already high standards. The 19 Care Pros who were ultimately chosen also stand out for living the Honor Values:

  • Care Starts with Connection
  • Great Solutions Demand Empathy
  • When You Grow, We Grow
  • Our Differences Propel Us

We’re grateful to work for and alongside these wonderful people.

Arizona Outstanding Care Pros

Phoenix  Nicole Neumann Nicole is an amazing and outstanding on-call Care Pro. She’s detail oriented, understanding of clients’ needs, and nurturing. Nicole is adaptable and able to persevere in challenging situations. Not only does she provide outstanding care to our clients, but she also communicates her clients’ needs to Honor which is helpful when creating a meaningful care plan. Nicole goes above and beyond. Her hard work does not go unnoticed. She is such a true asset to the team, and we’re so thankful to have her as a Care Pro. —Sonya M. - Care Pro Relationship Manager

Tucson Tanisha Cornelius Tanisha “Peaches” is an asset to our team. She’s reliable, flexible, and always willing to jump in where needed. She provides a detailed level of care that’s hard to match and is truly valued by her clients and their families. She’s able to adapt quickly when things change and is always willing to jump into whatever role is needed. Thank you Peaches! — Vanessa L., Client Manager

California Outstanding Care Pros

Los Angeles  Graciela Garcia Graciela has been with us for nearly three years and has always been an amazing Care Pro. Graciela is willing to put in the work and go the extra mile for her clients. She’s always available to help out when needed. Graciela is extremely reliable, is always on time, and consistently provides exceptional care to her clients. She is truly a gem, and we’re grateful to have her on our team. — Raymie, Client Manager

Monterey Bay  Irma Jimenez Irma is an amazing Care Pro. She’s kind, patient, and trustworthy. She cares deeply about her clients and enjoys building relationships with them. Irma is someone we can always depend on and picks up additional shifts whenever she can. Thank you for all that you do for us here in Monterey. — Resa & Kelsie, Client Managers

Orange County  David Mitchell David has an ability to become exactly what each client needs, no matter the situation. He has an amazing way of making even the most nervous Account Owner feel at ease. In his three years at Honor, he has made meaningful connections with clients. — Carrie D., Client Manager

Sacramento  Yani Deleon Yani is an outstanding and compassionate Care Pro. He makes lasting impressions on his clients and delivers excellent care. Most recently, a client provided a positive review about Yani that truly illustrates how much of an asset he is to our team. "Yani is definitely one of the best. His dedication to his work shows every day and we were very pleased with his performance." We're very proud of you, Yani! Thank you for all that you do. — Christal B., Care Pro Relationship Manager

San Diego  Lucia Herrera Lucia exemplifies Honor’s value, “Care Starts with Connection.” She connects with her clients on a deep level, and they adore her. She does this by taking the time to review their care notes and ask deep questions about the client instead of just focusing on the tasks she needs to complete. One of Lucia’s clients had made multiple changes to the schedule, including changes on the same day, and Lucia was committed to making it work knowing how important the care was for her client. Lucia is always kind when we talk, and we’re certain that kindness and compassion are shared with her clients every day. — Brittany C., Client Manager

San Francisco  - East Bay Arcely De Rama Arcely is an excellent Care Pro. She truly embodies what Honor strives for when caring for our clients. She has built a harmonious and long-standing relationship with her regular client over the past few years, continually demonstrating her dedication and reliability. Arcely is a steadfast caregiver, through and through. Thank you for all of your hard work, Arcely. It does not go unnoticed. — Shannon L., Care Pro Relationship Manager

San Francisco  - South Bay Marettes “Tess” Dumaop Tess is extremely kind and communicative. She’s very proactive and works to help the team find solutions. She regularly collaborates with other Care Pros to secure coverage for her client, which helps her fellow Care Pros, her client, and the team. She’s more than happy to help in a pinch and consistently notifies our team of anything urgent. Everyone knows they can rely on Tess when help is needed. From the team to the clients, it’s wonderful that she can connect with so many different people. — Alyson U., Care Pro Relationship Manager

Santa Barbara/Ventura  Patricia Wollum Patricia is a wonderful Care Pro who has become a member of her clients’ families. She goes out of her way to make sure her clients have everything they need, and eagerly takes on expanded responsibilities such as grocery shopping and meal planning. And she’s always in tune with her clients' needs without being asked. Patricia is a phenomenal person with a big heart. — Sarah B., Client Manager

Sonoma/Santa Rosa  Marylis Gachu Marylis is an absolutely wonderful Care Pro. She has been with Honor for more than two years. In that time, she has provided impeccable care to her clients. She’s communicative, dependable, and willing to help out when she can. Her positive presence and reliability have been a major asset to Honor. Thank you for serving and caring as much as you do, Marylis. — Shannon L., Care Pro Relationship Manager

Florida Outstanding Care Pro

South Florida  Shirley “Sharon” Hardy Sharon makes everyone around her feel special. It comes through whenever you speak with her, and it really shows in the connections she makes with her clients. Sharon is able to meet her clients where they are. One of her clients came to Honor very reluctant to care. He had recently lost his wife and wasn’t leaving his apartment much, wasn’t indulging in his passion for painting, and wasn’t enjoying life much. After delaying care, we finally scheduled his first shift with Sharon. During that visit, he called to say he only wanted Sharon as his Care Pro and would change his schedule to accommodate hers. Under Sharon’s care, this client is now thriving, enjoying life, and has even started painting again. — Steven C., Senior Client Manager

Illinois Outstanding Care Pro

Chicago  Renee Kollupaylo Renee embodies Honor's values by connecting with her clients through the care she provides and by solving her clients’ care needs with great empathy. Renee advocates for her clients and understands their care needs thoroughly. She takes ownership of the care plan while proactively communicating any updates or changes. Renee is patient and doesn’t complain, even when facing great challenges in her work; no task is too hard for her. She sees her responsibilities through to the end and understands what it takes to provide great care with compassion, empathy, and competence. Her humor brings others joy. She often sings just to put a smile on our faces. Renee has had to step outside of her comfort zone when working with a client who was dealing with a difficult and thorny personal matter. The grace, commitment, and professionalism displayed during this challenging situation are to be admired and recognized. Renee's clients are so lucky to have her by her side.— Debi J., Field Care Specialist

Michigan Outstanding Care Pro

Detroit  Kareen Parris Kareen has been a standout Care Pro since day one. She has provided care to many clients on their first day, some of whom were quite apprehensive to start care. Kareen uses her knowledge and caring demeanor to connect with her clients and their families to ensure her visits are successful. One of her clients even described Kareen as her angel. Kareen’s current client constantly praises her skill, communication, and approach to care. We love working with Karen, and we know how lucky we are to have her on our team. Thank you, Kareen! — Doug R., Sr. Client Manager

Missouri Outstanding Care Pro

St. Louis  Zainab Razzak Zainab went above and beyond during a recent snowstorm in St. Louis. Her client’s family had peace of mind knowing Zainab was with their mom during that time. She’s not only a deeply connected and empathetic person, but she’s someone you can rely on to roll with the changes, remain flexible, and always keep the client’s best interest in mind. St. Louis is so lucky to have her. — Eric S., Client Manager

Nebraska Outstanding Care Pro

Omaha  Carissa Curry Over the past month, Carissa has exemplified Honor’s value, “When You Grow, We Grow.” Change tends to be a constant in this line of work, and while she has been impacted by the fluctuating circumstances in her client's lives, she remains positive, understanding, and patient. Carissa is willing to learn more and jump in with her clients’ needs. She’s a dependable overnight Care Pro, as well, and I know she takes the time to read over her clients’ Care Plans and ask questions to fully understand their care needs. Carissa enters her shifts with a smile and empathy. She has been alongside her clients through some of the toughest times, giving the clients and their families peace of mind and a strong sense of love and compassion. — Lydia B., Care Pro Relationship Manager

New Mexico Outstanding Care Pro

Albuquerque  Christina Archunde Clients love their visits from Christina. She’s proactive in providing care and displays great care skills. Christina is hard-working, reliable, and lovable. She’s one-of-a-kind and we're so grateful to have her on the team. Thank you for all the love and support you provide your clients. We all adore you. —Terri K., Client Manager

Texas Outstanding Care Pros

Dallas  Willie Mitchell During Dallas's recent ice storm, Willie went above and beyond to ensure her client's safety, as well as her own. She's always been described as "one of the family." She’s considerate of her clients, flexible with her schedule, and committed to keeping Honor updated. She’s also incredibly kind and attentive. We’re so grateful for you, Willie! — Hilary A., Client Manager

San Antonio  Aiyana Burgos We’re so thankful for Aiyana's wonderful and positive attitude. Recently, she faced a major schedule change with one of her longtime clients. As we waited to find her a new client with similar hours, Aiyana stepped up to help us and work with other clients in need. She’s not only reliable and communicative, she’s also warm and instantly liked by everyone she works with. We’re grateful for Aiyana's caring spirit and hard work ethic. Keep it up, Aiyana! — Katy B., Client Manager

Thank You!

We’re fortunate to have Care Pros who show up every day with the purpose to provide their clients with the best care. We hope you’ll come back next month to learn more about our March Outstanding Care Pros.

If you're interested in a career as an Honor Care Pro, you can learn more here.

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