August 31, 2022

Showing our appreciation for July's Outstanding Care Pros

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This month, we are thrilled to celebrate July’s Outstanding Care Pros. Their positive impact on clients’ lives is long-lasting, and we are so fortunate to have these Care Pros on our team. We cannot thank them enough for their commitment to care.

As usual, it was hard to single out just one Outstanding Care Pro from each market. To do this, Client Managers and Care Pro Relationship Managers look at each Care Pro’s record of dependability, consistency, and positive visit reports, as well as stories of Care Pros going above and beyond our already high standards. The 17 Care Pros who are ultimately chosen also stand out for living the Honor Values:

  • Care Starts with Connection
  • Great Solutions Demand Empathy
  • When You Grow, We Grow
  • Our Differences Propel Us

We’re grateful to work for and alongside these wonderful people.

Arizona Outstanding Care Pros


Alina Ianc

Alina is being recognized for her loyalty to her clients. Alina is flexible, organized, proactive and hardworking. She always ensures that her clients are cared for. We know that when we send Alina to a visit, whether it is with a new client or an existing client, she will provide outstanding care and always be welcomed back. Her reviews are always glowing and we are confident in placing her with any of our clients.
— Sonya M, CPRM

California Outstanding Care Pros

Monterey Bay

Anna Liza Garcia

Care Pro Anna Liza is an asset to Honor! She is dedicated to the caregiving profession and the clients she serves. She provides consistent care. Most recently, she worked with a client for more than two years establishing a strong connection during that time. We really value and appreciate the Care Pro that Anna Liza is.
— Taylor B., CPRM

Orange County

Margaree Morris

Margaree is a very kind and patient Care Pro who is dedicated and committed to her clients. She is focused on creating deep connections with the seniors she serves. Recently, when one of her clients became ill, Margaree provided exceptional care to help this client in their recovery. We are so thankful for Margaree!
— Carrie D., CPRM


Lakeyia Harrington

Lakeyia has a caring nature which helps her connect with clients. She prioritizes her client every step of the way and communicates efficiently and effectively throughout care visits. This skill has helped her navigate challenging situations and effectively advocate for her client’s needs and wishes. We are lucky to have Lakeyia on our team, and our clients feel the same!
— Emma H, CPRM

San Diego

Susan Turinske

Sue has been an outstanding Care Pro and brings a wealth of caregiving experience and knowledge. Sue enjoys working and is always willing to jump in and assist when she can. She is wonderful with communicating her needs and her clients absolutely love her! I am so grateful to have Sue as a Care Pro on my team because she is the kindest of souls and a complete joy to work with!
— Amelia, CPRM

San Francisco - East Bay

Madalene Taga

Maggy is an outstanding Care Professional and a true asset to our team. She routinely builds strong and long-lasting relationships with her clients. She always leaves a great impression. We are so fortunate to have someone as amazing as Maggy in our market and appreciate all of her hard work!
— Shannon, CPRM

San Francisco - South Bay

Linda Kochmit

Linda is a reliable Care Professional that goes above and beyond for her clients! She is reliable and punctual. She creates long-lasting relationships with her clients and treats them like family. We know we can rely on her to communicate her clients’ needs while providing them with the best care possible. We are beyond grateful to have Linda as a part of the Honor Family!
— Alyson U., CPRM

Santa Barbara/Ventura

Carolina Gutierrez

Care Pro Carolina is a great, consistent Care Pro! She is reliable, communicative and always helps out when she can. We really appreciate Carolina's dedication to her clients!
— Taylor B., CPRM

Sonoma/Santa Rosa

Maria “Yvonne” Rodriguez

Yvonne is a hardworking, dependable and compassionate Care Professional. She has continued to maintain impeccable performance and always provides the utmost quality of care to her clients. Yvonne’s consistency and commitment does not go unnoticed and we are truly grateful for all that she does!
— Shannon, CPRM

Florida Outstanding Care Pro

South Florida

Ermithe “Emi” Paul

Emi is a dedicated and caring professional. She embodies Honor’s Value, “Care Starts with Connection.” She provides invaluable support to her clients and routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty. Emi establishes meaningful connections with her clients and their family members. She is a wonderful Care Pro and takes pride in her work and the people she is caring for. With her huge heart and wonderful personality, we are thrilled to recognize Emi this month.
— Steven C., CM

Illinois Outstanding Care Pro


Cadine Swearing-Suhling

Cadine shows compassion, love and attention to her clients and peers. Cadine cares deeply about the seniors she serves and routinely goes above and beyond for them. She is committed to her clients and is patient, calm and sensitive to their needs. She is a great representation of Honor. Thanks for being such a rockstar, Cadine!
— Angie C., CPRM

Michigan Outstanding Care Pro


Jaqunda Cotten

Consistency is essential for our clients. Jaqunda is always reliable and dependable. She is compassionate and is recognized by her client’s family as essential to the team. Thank you, Jaqunda, for all you do. We appreciate you!
— Fawn W., CPRM

Missouri Outstanding Care Pro

St. Louis

Linda Beatty

Wonderful, kind, patient and fun. These are just a few of the words that describe Care Pro Linda Beatty. Her clients all rave about her and so do we! We are so lucky to have her in St. Louis, and we thank her for all she does for her clients.
— Fawn W., CPRM

Nebraska Outstanding Care Pro


Nadine Hinners

Nadine truly exemplifies Honor's Value, “Great Solutions Demand Empathy.” Nadine is a veteran Care Professional and that makes this recognition even more special. Nadine is dedicated to her clients and cares deeply for them. She provides care in an empathetic, heartfelt way. We know we can rely on Nadine and that she’ll go the extra mile for her clients. Words cannot express how many thanks we have for our Care Pro, Nadine, and all that she does for her clients!
— Lydia B., CPRM

New Mexico Outstanding Care Pro


Jayme Quintana

Jayme is amazing and an absolute client favorite! Jayme is one of my most requested Care Pros for ongoing schedules and is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her commitment to providing excellent care, no matter the client, speaks for itself in her performance and the joy our clients feel every time she visits. She is a true professional with a wonderfully caring heart and excellent work ethic. Hooray for Jayme!
— Amelia, CPRM

Texas Outstanding Care Pros


Melissa De Luna

Melissa is pleasant to talk to. Her kindness and care for her clients comes out in every conversation. Melissa is always responsive, helpful and consistent. She is an essential Care Pro to her clients and is always finding creative ways to bring them joy, whether it’s making sure they get their favorite snack or finding a new activity for them to do.
— Mckayla, CPRM

San Antonio

Irene Yenez

Irene has been a very reliable Care Pro. Her clients provide positive feedback about her attention to detail and passion for what she does. She is always on time and a delight to talk to. She is always willing to help when she can and is able to adapt. We are so happy she is on our team!
— Mckayla, CPRM

Thank You!

We are appreciative of the meaningful ways these Care Pros provide care to their clients. We hope you’ll come back next month to learn about our August Outstanding Care Pros.

If you're interested in a career as an Honor Care Pro, you can learn more here.

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